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Sound Systems - details & rates

How to select the sound system you need

*NOTE* The above power requirement guide is only intended as a rough estimate. Venue size, shape, acoustics, stage area, music styles, band performance, etc. are all factors that can influence sound system power requirements. These estimates assume optimal acoustical conditions and MINIMUM power requirements for ANY supplier's sound system, and are provided only as a quick estimate in calculating the sound reinforcement expenses for your event.

System selections

All systems include mixer, microphones, effects processors, cables, and other ancillary equipment. Call or e-mail for details.

P.A. system including delivery, setup, and operation throughout the duration of the event

Variations in system setup needs may increase or lower rates.
Travel expenses may also apply. Estimate $0.65 per mile round trip) from Zip 75020
Ask for details on how you can qualify for discount rates.

"E-Z" system (P.A. system only, no sound crew)

Contact me for any questions.